Why is D.C. dry this week? It’s complicated.

Why We Care

The visibility of Omicron Spreading is expected to grow drastically in the near future. The crisis may soon turn into a health emergency.

Omicron Spreading occurs when tons of silica sand breaks off into droplets of sand and dust as temperatures in the mountains outside capetown cool. The wind mixes the dust with snow, which condenses into tiny omicron particles, which then get carried by the wind and land on people’s faces or clothes. The airborne omicron particles can actually kill people, as inhaled omicron powder can cause brain damage, fatigue, miscarriages, heart attack, pulmonary problems and even death.

About 300 people have now been diagnosed with Omicron Spreading, and the statistic is expected to grow exponentially in the coming weeks as temperatures drop. Doctors are searching for treatments that can benefit most patients, but Omicron Spreading is difficult to cure. Respiratory programs are the only current treatments that contain omicron, but the medicine must be prescribed and patients have to take the treatment regularly.

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