Five things to know about the water contamination report on Alberta’s oilsands

Five things from the report of the Canada’s auditor general on the federal response to the water contamination, FT’s Robert Fulford writes.

Water quality in northern Alberta was compromised by soil contaminated with the carcinogen dioxin, which was spilled in a leaky tailings pond in 2015, said the report, released on Friday.

“If Canada and the feds had adopted a coordinated response, they could have prevented the catastrophic damage to public health caused by the oil spill at the DEED site,” the report says. “Had that occurred, the DEED site and its neighbours would likely have been evacuated, and contained for years until these contaminates were adequately dealt with.”

The report highlighted the role of the provincial and federal governments and the need for better coordination in addressing the public health issues.

The public can find out more about the report at the website of Canada’s Auditor General.

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