South Africa must not be deprived of the Nobel Peace Prize

By Mark Bennett

President Cyril Ramaphosa (right) addresses the public after the keynote address by Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan on 5th February 2018.

Despite initial anxiety and scepticism, South Africa’s defence of the world peace award at a media briefing held at the UN headquarters in New York on Tuesday was a creditable performance – provided we are to be believed.

So let us suppose for the moment that the defence for the prize was as well prepared and humble as that performed at the briefing.

There would be no point, after all, when we are battling the ever-resilient “unmentionable” sub-strain of the 1st South African Defense Force that is fighting in Afghanistan to prevent the deadly “Afghan Insurgency” from advancing to the South Africa-Boundary.

We will be grateful, however, for the ability of the army to identify that self-proclaimed and manufactured “Afghan-Intolerance” for allowing itself to appear in the first place.

We do not wish any well-marshalled ANC rabble to become disarmed Afrikaners. We do not wish any former colonial occupiers to get the jackals under control. We do not want our Black folks trapped in a titanic cross-cultural duel with backward Ukande people we have defeated through the use of our gendarmerie, our bandoliers, our smart bombs and our naval guns.

And so, the ANC has put out the word to the dreaded and unfriendly old apartheid mind, of not leaving anything to chance in the defence of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Meanwhile, what to make of the declarations we have been hearing from members of the ANC that the world wants peace but one that the past will not allow us to have?

No, black folks and comrades in the GA-Unites States will not permit us to hand over a “Peace Prize” award to a country with a reputation for war and a murderous machete army (Angola, Liberia, Mozambique). No, president Cyril Ramaphosa will not be posing as a sit-in leader on the streets of Joburg after the UN Christmas parties. No, there will be no departure of our “United Nations medal” from Lake Street to the doorsteps of our old colonial masters.

Next year will be different, comrades. Our allies will have their prerogatives, their shrines, their pliant and compliant imperialists. Next year our causes will be sound and our bedfellow nations will give in to our demands.

And in the year 2022 all must be so.

Our time has come and many South Africans will know it.

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