January 2019: 2019 Cookbook Author, Dietitian & Proteologist Elisha Goldstein [WATCH]

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What can you do to better your mind in the next year? What about your body? Well, that’s what Elisha Goldstein, MS, RD, LDN, and author of last year’s book 2020-2020: A Year-by-Year Mindful Life Guide is going to be focusing on in this afternoon’s Fox Nation video, Cooking Up a Healthier, Happier Year of 2020.

Today, Goldstein gives viewers a short cooking demo of a nutritional wrap, and a workout at home using glow in the dark weights and implements made out of rocks, moss, butter, and seeds. He tells us all about the most efficient way to eat delicious food, and how easy it is to incorporate healthier habits and foods into your lifestyle in the next 365 days. Also, he offers tips on detoxifying, gut health, and how you can up your sleep and mindfulness levels, along with calming down before bed to help take the edge off stressful situations.

Keep listening tomorrow, because by next week, Goldstein’s cooking lessons will end, and he’ll introduce year-end tips.

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