Jack Dorsey: Two top Washington operatives will be leaving Twitter

WASHINGTON — Michael Montano, a leading Democratic operative who has worked on a slew of campaigns over the years, and Dantley Davis, who founded a new policy shop called Medium Hill Strategies and just took some senior positions at K Street firm AKPD Message & Media, will both leave Twitter next week.

Montano, who has been based out of Twitter’s Washington, D.C., office, revealed the news himself and offered no hard feelings for the move.

“On Twitter, I’ve been doing two things: first, inspiring D.C. reporters, strategists, voters, and political operatives to think more big picture about the issues shaping our republic. Second, empowering small businesses and serving on the boards of non-profits helping people I care about stand up for themselves,” he said in a statement. “This will be my last full-time week on Twitter, and I’ll be moved, so I’m not talking about it much more.”

Davis was a little more subtle, in a different way.

“Moving next week, I will be departing Twitter,” he tweeted late Thursday night. “As a partner at Medium Hill Strategies, I’ll be commuting to Columbus, Ohio. So farewell, Twitter. I’ll be happy to tweet and retweet your campaigns!”

He also tweeted a single word to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and Shaughnessy Dorn, the social network’s new chief business officer: “Hope you are doing well.”

I wasn’t able to reach Dorn for comment Friday evening, but his personal message on Twitter may be an indication he too is leaving Twitter in favor of a more stable post.

“I’ve been in the workforce of campaigns, state legislatures, city halls, and large businesses,” he tweeted. “I’ve put my heart and soul into all of them. As I start a new role, I’m truly excited and grateful for all the work I’ve done, both here at Twitter and elsewhere.”

Like Montano, Davis will be starting a new role at a D.C. firm next week. He will partner with Jeff Dillon, a former top aide to former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, and move to AKPD, where his new role will include working on Capitol Hill.

“Jeff Dillon and I have both been in the D.C. media game, as journalists, pundits, and senior communications aides,” Davis tweeted. “I want to thank Jeff for connecting with my vision for a thoughtful Washington media environment. I’m especially excited about this new role to be in Ohio with Jeff on the next chapter of my career.”

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