Chloe Grace Moretz’s ‘Begin Again’ Super Bowl ad is a New York office party

Written by By Eric Hoda, CNN

This holiday season, most of America has found itself ignoring the approaching and dispiriting New Year’s Day and celebrating a small and deliciously seductive holiday known as the office party.

Though not exactly a new concept, a nine-minute clip just released by InStyle show New York City’s Madison Square Garden filling up with a bevy of office workers in festive cocktail attire.

Director/producer Alicia Grant (Jackie, Desperate Housewives) knows a thing or two about celebrating at a work-related event, having spent many a cocktail mingling with her bosses after the Oscars.

She also shot the feature length (and live action) trailer for the film “Begin Again,” which stars Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo.

Though it certainly seems to evince a certain level of professionalism, Grant says the office party is actually a particularly poignant and personal occasion that’s often associated with the downfall of a certain famous comedian.

“You know, to me, the most appropriate ‘stand up’ comedy performance I’ve ever seen was a New York City office party because there was a lot of beer consumed, because the company made their dress code mandatory,” says Grant.

“The performers had varying degrees of success but they all had the right material. There were a lot of stereotypes about office party skits but if you get it right, you can take a thousand years off your life.”

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