The Friday Morning Kickoff to Your Weekend…Preliminarily

Ok voters….preliminarily here’s your Friday briefing for the week ahead:

BOOSTER RX. The FDA approved Pfizer’s booster for rheumatoid arthritis. Along with the new drug: formulation of lixisenatide, as well as two other pills designed to reduce the risk of liver damage by lowering blood protein levels. It will be available in some markets on November 1.

OMYNCON. The government announced plans to relax its rules for women to take Paxil, Effexor and Lamictal for anxiety at age 17 or later. Currently, women must be 18 to take a drug without a doctor’s guidance. All three drugs are now available over the counter. If all goes well, the plan could expand over the next few years.

ROH COOK, SECOND TERM. Rohrabacher’s defeat in June could not have been worse news for Republicans, although a very slim 55% vote for Carly Fiorina made the late entry of independent and former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore to the race almost certain. If he decides to run a write-in campaign, he could emerge as another drag on the GOP nomination. Despite being anti-Trump, Gilmore also will face an uphill battle. So no run yet from Rohrabacher.

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