Scandal posts in Week 2: Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

1. “This week, I spent some time doing research to provide more context to what my partner and I had said yesterday. I originally believed I was sharing very vulnerable information in the context of his genuine need to protect his relationship with me, to stop the pain, and to preserve our friendship. He is someone who consistently strives to protect, love, honor, and be a good and sincere friend to others.”

2. “The fact that it is his decision is irrelevant. I am supposed to accept his decision as his, not as my decision or that of our relationship.”

3. “Just for clarification, the decision to end our friendship was his, not mine or our relationship. Although I disagree with what he did and felt blindsided by it, I do not wish to disrupt our relationship with him or the transition in the relationship. I love him dearly and truly believe this was the right and honorable thing to do.”

4. “To be sure, I often wonder how things would have been different if that had never happened. I would have allowed ourselves to go deeper and toward things we both wanted to do or improve in our relationship.”

5. “To be honest, I made an out-of-character and careless decision and hurt myself and him. I’m so sorry. The things we had shared and planned for our future together are over and in my mind, it was a mistake. And it was not meant to cause the damage it did.

“He was emotional and made an in-exchange careless statement regarding what he had heard through the gathering information, and I let myself get engulfed with the compassion I felt for him. I didn’t hear the message — I was too caught up in the comfort of my own feelings.”

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