Trial begins for Elizabeth Holmes and the Theranos blood test

The defense filed this motion on Tuesday, March 19, in response to the defense lawyer’s six-page memo on how the defense would respond to the latest prosecution documents.

This case goes on for up to two weeks. After a jury selection in July and about six weeks of testimony, jurors will be announced on August 27 and Deliberations will begin two days later.

The company is fighting fraud charges that it improperly accounted for its revenue and ordered Theranos employees to act on such orders, among other allegations. The device is intended to administer blood tests without the need of needles or a doctor.

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes, who founded the company in 2007, is expected to testify in the case .

The company has suffered a series of setbacks since 2017, when the Department of Justice charged the company with racketeering violations and securities fraud.

Theranos went on to lose its CEO Holmes after some of its leading physicians quit and she was forced to step down from the board. The company still has been hit with numerous lawsuits.

If found guilty of the charges in the federal case, Holmes could spend her entire life in prison .


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