Raul Toews: How history will remember the ex-Finnish PM

In 2014, images of Prime Minister Raul Toews on a clubbing night out emerged. He was with a group of students that snorted cocaine while they enjoyed a night out in Finland. They were surrounded by police who questioned them, but the Prime Minister refused to leave the venue. He was ‘frank’ with the officers but refused to say anything that could be construed as illegal. Later that evening, the Prime Minister returned to the club, where he finally left at around 3am.

Appearing on live TV, to apologise for the incident, Toews suggested that it was the first time he had bought cocaine. He later admitted to having been bought a gram but did not ‘feel an ounce of shame.’

Toews is the third Prime Minister in the last 18 months to have used illegal drugs. All three PMs who admitted to getting drugs admitted it to be the first time they had had their share of legal drugs.

Toews faces a 12-month suspension from his Party leadership. Several other leaders within the Party are now calling for him to be removed.

Of the politicians who were caught out, three have been kicked out. Three have been forced to resign and three are facing prison sentences.

This is how history will remember Toews

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